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Get Organized

Organize Your Printed Source Pictures

Your family photos or your vacation photos, for that matter, deserve to be catalogued in some order so that they are easily identified, and individual shot are easily found. If you were lucky, the collection that you are now dealing with will have been mounted in album pages, not merely just tossed into a box somewhere. Some planning before you start will give you places to store the digital images and places for the printed originals.

Organize your prints and archive

If your photo collection is organized in albums, you are in luck and probably will want to leave them just as you found them. In this case the digital photos are all that will need organization. However if you start with a collection that comes from many sources, you will want to organize the originals once you have scanned them. You may want to sort and store your pictures in envelopes or file folders labeled for each family group. If the collection is large, further organize in chronological order.
      Archival Methods Web site offers folders and a lot of tips for caring for your precious pictures. These links are offered for your convenience. archivalmethods.com You may want to look at some of the binders or folders offered on this site.
      Scan and organize each digital image as you come to it, and insert the printed picture in its holder after it is scanned. Don't worry about sorting all the pictures before you begin.

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