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Display Your Pictures

Traditionally picture collections have been mounted in photograph albums and then stored away, or perhaps brought out to display for company.

Photo Album

There really is no substitute for printed pictures mounted and suitably captioned in an album. Tiny pictures can be enlarged during the scanning process then printed in a size that is much more satisfying when viewed.

Display on Facebook or other social media site.

These displays are somewhat temporary and your correspondents must be registered users of your chosen media site. Your display may entertain some people not intended for your pictures and miss some that that you want to see them.

Slide Shows

There are many programs available so that you can easily organize your pictures into slide shows with captions, explanatory text and music to create the perfect viewing mood. If the person setting up the slide show takes the time to appropriately label the pictures, the slide show can serve the purpose well. But few people enjoy a slide show when they have no idea what is being displayed.

Personal Web Site

Web space is readily available free or reasonably prices. Pictures can be displayed on a Web site that you create your self. Then you can control the appearance of your pages. Or the Web hosting company may provide authoring software and templates to make the creation a breeze.

Electronic Picture Frames

Picture frames of all sized are available to display your pictures. Some will rotate display from among several photos loaded on the frame's storage medium.

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