This site is a collection of articles that state opinions of the writers. Some are my own opinions and some are expressions of people who have sent them to me. Most have been published in periodicals.

This site was started when the issue of marriage between partners of the same-sex erupted in Hood County, Texas. The U.S. Supreme Court decided that it was a violation of civil rights to deny marriage to these couples. The Attorney General of the State of Texas made an announcement to the effect that county clerks could refuse to issue to these couples if the refusal was based on their religious convictions. The Hood County Clerk followed the suggestion and refused to issue the needed license to a same-sex couple. This became national news. In the course of events eventually she blamed the local newspaper for misquoting her. She ordered representatives of the national press out of her office. And the men who were refused the license threatened a federal law suit. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published Bud Kennedy's column which stated his opinion of the county clerk's stance on July 5, 2015. His column can be found on the menu @ Freedoms -> Religioun Freedom -> Lesson in Freedom Needed