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Donna BallDead Season, TheRaine Stockton #62012
Donna BallDog DaysRaine Stockton #102015
Donna BallDouble Dog DareRaine Stockton #82013
Donna BallFor Keeps2014
Donna BallGun ShyRaine Stockton #32006
Donna BallHigh In TrialRaine Stockton #72013
Donna BallHome of the BraveRaine Stockton #92014
Donna BallHummingbird House, TheLadybug Farm / spin off2011
Donna BallKeys to the Castle2011
Donna BallLove Letters from Ladybug FarmLadybug Farm #32010
Donna BallRapid FireRaine Stockton #22006
Donna BallSilent NightRaine Stockton #52011
Donna BallSmoky Mountain TracksRaine Stockton #12006
Donna BallVintage Ladybug FarmLadybug Farm #52012
Donna BallWedding on Ladybug Farm, ALadybug Farm #62012
Donna BallA Year on Ladybug FarmLadybug Farm #12009
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Richard BardBrainrush II(2)2011
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Debbie MacomberHasty Wedding2013
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Debbie MacomberHeart of Texas (Nell's Cowboy)Texas #32008
Debbie MacomberHeartsong2013
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Debbie Macomber Last One Home 2015
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Debbie MacomberRight Next Door2009
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Debbie MacomberSooner or LaterDeliverance Company1996
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Debbie MacomberStarry Night: A Christmas Novel
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Debbie Macomber Sweet Tomorrows Rose Harbor #5 2016
Debbie MacomberThat Summer Place1998
Debbie MacomberThe Inn at Rose HarborCedar Cove #132012
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Debbie MacomberThursdays at Eight2010
Debbie MacomberTrouble With Angels, TheChristmas1994
Debbie MacomberTwenty WishesBlossom Street2008
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Susan MalleryAll Summer LongFools Gold #092012
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Susan MalleryLadies' Man (The) (Positively Pregnant)2009
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Susan MalleryOnly MineFool's Gold #042011
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Susan MalleryOnly YoursFool's Gold #052011
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Susan MallerySummer NightsFools Gold #082012
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Susan MalleryWife in Disguise2009
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Fern MichaelsFinal JusticeSisterhood #122008
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Fern MichaelsHide and SeekSisterhood #82007
Fern MichaelsHocus PocusSisterhood #92007
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Fern MichaelsKentucky RichKentucky #12001
Fern MichaelsKentucky SunriseKentucky #32002
Fern MichaelsPaybackSisterhood #22004
Fern MichaelsRazor SharpSisterhood #142009
Fern MichaelsSilver Bells2008
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Fern MichaelsTexas HeatTexas #21986
Fern MichaelsTexas RichTexas #11985
Fern MichaelsTexas SunriseTexas #41994
Fern MichaelsTrading Places2003
Fern MichaelsUnder the RadarSisterhood #132009
Fern MichaelsUp Close and Personal2007
Fern MichaelsVanishing ActSisterhood #152009
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Fern MichaelsVendettaSisterhood #32005
Fern MichaelsWeekend WarriorsSisterhood #12004
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Maria Murnane Chocolate for Two (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Brys 2013
Maria Murnane Honey on Your Mind (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Brys 2012
Maria Murnane It's a Waverly Life (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Brys 2011
Maria Murnane Perfect on Paper (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Brys 2010
Diana MurdockAgainVolume 12012
Caroline P. MurphyPope's Daughter (The)2005
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Barbara ParkerSuspicion of InnocenceSuspicion #11994
Barbara ParkerSuspicion of MadnessSuspicion #72003
Barbara ParkerSuspicion of MaliceSuspicion #5200
Barbara ParkerSuspicion of RageSuspicion #82005
Barbara ParkerSuspicion of VengeanceSuspicion #62001
Shayne ParkinsonDaisy's WarPromises to Keep #52012
Shayne ParkinsonMud and GoldPromises to Keep #22011
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Shayne ParkinsonSentence of MarriagePromises to Keep #12011
Shayne ParkinsonSettling the AccountPromises to Keep #32011
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Louise PennyA Fatal GraceArmand Gamache #22007
Louise PennyA Trick of the LightArmand Gamache #72011
Louise PennyBrutal Telling (The)Chief Inspector Gamache #52009
Louise PennyBury Your DeadArmand Gamache #62011
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Louise PennyHow the Light Gets InArmand Gamache #92013
Louise PennyThe Long Way HomeArmand Gamache #102013
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Tracie PetersonPattern of Her Heart, TheLights of Lowell #32005
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Michael PhillipsAngels Watching Over MeShenandoah Sisters #12003
Michael PhillipsColor of Your Skin Ain't Color of YouShenandoah Sisters #32003
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